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Rodney Kim
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1 How to Chat Online SEO & Technical support.

- Optimization of categories.
- Adsense placement on sub-categories.
- Worked on fixing adsense problems due to a bug from the Adsense side.
- Changed the sidebar for more relevant content.
- Fixed some problems with Yoast again because of the new updates which will ruin our structure.
- Optimized some old structures of articles.
- Optimized the speed again for new adsense codes.
- Placed adsense codes to header.
- Fixed a few problems related with review structures.
- Got a few backlinks from good websites.
- Optimized database weekly.
- Added some paragraphs to some articles to improve word amounts.
- Monthly technical care for the website.

1 85 Ideas SEO & Technical Support

- Made a backlink work from multiple websites to improve DA and PA of the website. Will be good for getting more gp requests. Besides will improve visitors.
- Checked broken links... Still working on that at the moment. This work can get a few week.
- Made weekly regular optimizes for database.

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