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Rodney Kim
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1 How to Chat Online SEO & Technical support.

- Created a project for the website to fix errors properly.
- We have optimized articles which has written by the writer.
- Fixed the problems with SEO in more than 50 articles and confirmed by Screaming frog..
- Checked changelogs and updated plugins.
- Deleted all the spam comments.
- Fixed some follow links on chat.howtochatonline and fixed some seo issues on some articles. Such as Funyo TV.
- Monthly optimizing of DB.

1 85 Ideas SEO & Technical Support

- Updated some metas of the website.
- Checked all broken and redirected links of the website and fixed them all.
- We did the monthly optimizing of DB.
- Scanned the website with SEO spider and found some SEO errors. (will also focus on those errors after we complete howtochatonline)
- Created a project to fix those errors.

Sub Total $700.00
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Total Due $700.00